1/3/2022╲╱ Hi everyone,Can everyone do me a favor and move this email from your "Promotions" folder to your inbox? Thanks to all the new subscribers on this email list. I want to let you all know that we have confirmed 1/5/22 as our re-stock date. Here are the details!- Those with confirmed orders: some of the earliest customers who discovered the site were able to place pre-orders for SAPPHIRESKATES and these orders will be shipped out first. At this time, we unfortunately can't accept any pre-orders anymore.- General info on availability: My goal is to make it so that people on this email list have the highest chance of getting in on this first restock. Therefore, I haven't began any external marketing to this website.- The blue color: unfortunately, it will be extremely limited this time around, and I can't reserve it for anyone. However, there is going to be a much larger restock happening early February. - The exact timing: - 1/5/22 at 4PM Pacific Time -> On-sale date of SAPPHIRESKATES- 1/6/22 -> All of the pre-orders will ship out (NOTE: you will receive shipping confirmation, but most likely, the hand-off to courier will happen the next day)- 1/7/22 and after -> All orders from the first re-stock will ship out. - 2/1/22 -> Estimated date of the 2nd (larger) re-stock. Going to be re-stocking both red and blue. There are going to be more colors in the future, but just as before, the performance is the same regardless of color. -philzgoodman

Hi everyone,

This is philzgoodman, the founder of SAPPHIRESKATES. Those of you receiving this email are truly legends, since you discovered my website before I've began any marketing whatsoever.

If you're anything like me, maybe you enjoy the search for finding the best possible product. That's why I made SAPPHIRESKATES: because I wanted to make mouse feet using the most ideal material, without limiting it to only materials that companies deem affordable.

We are not a big corporation, but you can rest assured, we are committed to quality. I've been using SAPPHIRESKATES for the past 3 months and I think you will really like them. Our gem cutters and polishers are some of the most skilled, and every unit will be inspected.

That's enough backstory for now. Here are the details for the first release:

- All orders on our site ship from California in the United States.

This batch was extremely limited. I thank you for being one of the early supporters of SAPPHIRESKATES. Your orders will be shipped out first. The estimated ship-out date is January 4th, 2022. (subject to change, but should fall around this date - you will receive a shipping notification. Note: you may receive a notification a bit earlier than the actual ship-out date so we can do some early prep).

Thank you for your interest in this product. Please stay tuned for an email that will be sent around January 5th, 2022 (subject to change). If you want to get in on the first batch, please try to place your order quickly. You will have a bit of an advantage, since we have not yet done any marketing, nor will we announce this first release anywhere else, at least for a few hours. (Note: the blue color will most likely sell out. Sorry for the inconvenience. The ruby color will have better availability. But the next batch will include blue as well and will be +1 month).

That's all for now!