- Go with Standard Ruby Sapphireskates
if you are unsure, which is our best-selling item. It has the same performance as the Blue Sapphireskates as it is the same material, but at a lower price. It also has the lowest static friction that we've measured using an angle test. Due to the all-around rounded shape, these can work in any number of different configurations, and you can even combine sets if you want more coverage (or add a set later).

We offer mouse skates made from a variety of gemstones and a few different profiles (shapes). See below for more detail on the rest of our offerings:




Cubic Zirconia



Color: Ruby

Color: Black

Color: Gold

Color: Clear

Color: Blue

Color: Fuchsia


For great value and a drier feel go with CZ - while sapphire feels slick (despite not having nor requiring lubricant), CZ feels dry but still very low friction. The feeling is like when your hands are extremely dry and there's very little friction when you rub them together. The friction is just slightly higher than sapphire. Also, the black color that is possible with CZ is quite unique and not possible to do with sapphire. 

Choose Type 2
if you want more support and generally keep the mouse flat 
- We created Type 2 since it was a common request. The benefit is that you get more support, especially if you use a heavier mouse or push down on your mouse. The downside is that the less-rounded shape means that dust and debris may get in the way. It also requires more load-balancing to work optimally (on all of our skates, we height-match the pieces in each set precisely, but there is still variance in the base of the mouse). The Clear color Type 2 will give you the same performance as Fuchsia but at a lower cost.

Specialty Choices - Moissanite (Flexskates) is a special item for those that appreciate quality gemstones, in addition to even greater scratch-resistance and durability than sapphire. However, the static friction is a bit higher than sapphire so they are recommended as a "control" type skate. Some of the more expensive colors (blue sapphire and Type 2 Fuchsia) should be chosen if you simply like the colors. These colors have greater material costs and are more expensive to produce. (Note: the color will never wear off and won't influence the performance. The dopant is interlaced within the crystal structure at trace amounts.)

Looking for the best possible performance regardless of price? Check out our Secret Shop for Match-Grade Sapphireskates which are co-polished for up to 72 hours.