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SAPPHIRESKATES Gen2 Gaming Mouse Skates [RUBY]

SAPPHIRESKATES Gen2 Gaming Mouse Skates [RUBY]

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  • Ultra-polished skating surface: polished to a mirror finish, which results in a smoother glide and less friction.
  • Extremely rounded edges: ensures smooth glide performance during off-axis conditions. Floats past any debris. Gradient chamfer are used to create a gentle rolloff that transitions from the flat skating surface to the rounded edges.
  • Immortal durability with 9 Mohs hardness. Nearly impossible to scratch (except with a diamond).
  • Crafted from Whole Single Crystal: Manufacturing starts with whole single crystal boules are cut down with diamond tools and ground into shape to preserve the sapphire crystal structure.
  • 5 pieces. 7mm diameter: compatible with most gaming mice.
  • No surface coatings or treatments: the color is not a surface coating, but is woven into the crystal lattice using 0.05% chromium for a deep ruby color. Color and glide will not wear off over time.

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SAPPHIRESKATES is produced by a combination of handmade and automated processes. Due to the nature of crafting sapphire from raw crystal, slight variation is expected.

However, we QC each set to strict tolerances to ensure a smooth glide and synergy between each piece within a set.

Slight variations in color are also to be expected but have no impact on durability or performance.

Please allow 24 hours to adjust to the feel of SAPPHIRESKATES. Additionally, glide may continue to improve after a few days, as normal usage will dissolve any residual particles.


Microfiber cloth
Alcohol Prep Pads
Plenty of spare die-cut 3M Adhesive
Sandpaper (you can use this to remove stubborn adhesive, or if you absolutely must, you can manually sand the mouse channel to adjust the sensor height if needed).


1. In a clean & undistracted area, gently lift top layer. Unbox contents.

2. Use prep pads to remove residue leftover from previous mice feet.

3. Install SAPPHIRESKATES. Apply pressure for 10 seconds per skate.

4. Use microfiber cloth to remove any remaining adhesive & debris. You can either use 4 of the SAPPHIRESKATES and keep 1 as a spare, or you can use all 5. Here are some example configurations and placement tips:


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For example, if the customer purchased 1 set of Ruby Sapphireskates, we will refund them $49.99 USD. 

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Sapphire vs. Glass

 ✅ More resistant to moisture  ❌ Less moisture resistant
 ✅ No surface coatings  ❌ Often relies on surface coatings that wear quickly
 ✅ Greater scratch resistance  ❌ Less scratch resistant
 ✅ Uniform single-crystal structure  ❌ Random amorphous / polycrystalline structure