Explaining the Color Differences of SAPPHIRESKATES

Same High Performance for All Colors

First of all, the color differences between SAPPHIRESKATES models are purely cosmetic. However, it's worth explaining why this is the case, and also why blue is more expensive.

RUBY RED VS. BLUE SAPPHIRE (Why is Blue More Expensive?)

Both rubies and sapphire are the same mineral (corundum) whose formula is Al₂O₃. 

The Difference in Semantics - Ruby vs Sapphire

From a language perspective within the gemstone industry, a ruby is a sapphire of a specific red color. Any other color of corundum corundum is a sapphire (for example, blue sapphire or pink sapphire). 

 The Difference in How It's Made

With crystals, you can't simply dye it a different color. You can't paint or coat it because it would change its natural qualities of the surface (in addition to not being as durable as sapphire). Coloring corundum is done with the same process, whether it's done in a lab or in nature: this process is called 'doping' (not to be confused with drugs). 

To color the crystal, a trace amount of a different element must be introduced into the crystal lattice structure. For ruby, the dopant used is chromium. For blue sapphire, it's titanium and iron. Again, this process happens in nature and is also done in a lab. A big part of the reason why gemstones can fetch a wide range of prices depends on the color qualities as a result of the doping process.

Finally: Why is Blue More Expensive

The reason why blue is more expensive is simply because the raw material cost is more expensive for us. To delve a bit deeper, achieving a blue hue is more difficult during the crystal growth process. The blue requires greater precision in the trace amount of dopants that are infused into it. 

What this all means in terms of pricing and availability

Given the greater material cost combined with the desire to give customers more choice, the plan is to make the ruby red color the standard model so that more people can try SAPPHIRESKATES. The blue (and other future colors) are priced based accordingly to our material cost. 

In light of full transparency, we listed blue as a limited model and will try to provide more specifics in the future. As of right now, we are only able to produce very small quantities with the blue color, and will provide notice ahead of time when the final restock of a limited model is happening.