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TUNGSTEN BARS Ultra-Stable 122g Weighted Keyboard Feet Made of Extremely Dense Material

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While mouse feet are designed to reduce friction, keyboard feet should do the opposite: stay in place. The problem of your keyboard slipping around results in more than an inconvenience: it's wasted energy as the kinetic energy from your fingers do not just go towards keypresses.

Those in the mechanical keyboard community have touted the benefits of heavy keyboards for a while now, in order to achieve end-game stability and a satisfying thonk of a keystroke. To achieve this, they've been doing things like stuffing their keyboards with foam, and adding weighted pieces of metal to their boards.

But one of the problems with adding keyboard weights is the fact that typically, these weights are custom machined for a particular keyboard chassis. Your typical screw-in keyboard feet also do not work with all keyboards.

The purpose of this product is to add stability to any keyboard in the most simple way possible:

  • 2x precision-machined bars made of premium 90% tungsten alloy (pure tungsten is too brittle, whereas this alloy is extremely durable).
  • 4x rounded silicone grommets to ensure good contact and grip with the surface.
  • Adds an incredible 61g of weight per bar for 122g added weight total, which feels unreal considering their small footprint.
  • Works with any keyboard: simply peel off the pre-applied adhesive and stick-on to your keyboard.
  • Also supports screw-in installation. Remove the adhesive from the grommets, then create a starting hole punch where you intended to screw (using a needle or some tool) then screw through the silicone. Screw in to your keyboard and then re-insert the tungsten bars. Note: no screws are included due to lack of standardization of keyboard screws. This is also why it's not pre-threaded as to improve compatibility.
  • Use it your way: depending on the size of your keyboard, positioning the Tungsten Bars at the front will result in a comfortable typing angle between 7 and 10 degrees. However, you can stick it to the side of some keyboard cases to simply add weight without changing the angle.

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