Patch Notes

Here at SAPPHIRESKATES, we wanted to take a bit different of an approach to the product development process with the goal of ongoing product improvement, rather than constantly releasing new products. Not saying that this is a unique idea, so why do we mention it?

One thing about shopping that has frustrated us is when there are significant product changes but you are not sure which version of the product you are getting. In light of transparency, here are the SAPPHIRESKATES patch notes.

APRIL 2022 v1.03

Fixed a problem of residual material causing low friction. 

MARCH 2022  v1.02

There are many improvements to the March production run both in terms of the SAPPHIRESKATES themselves, as well as the packaging/extras:

  • Far-improved adhesive dots: the adhesive is now precisely cut using an industrial automated die-cutting machine. The spare adhesive that we include will be far more consistent and easy to use.
  • Improvements to the pre-applied adhesive: it is now a lot more centered and a lot more strongly conformed to the skates, which should allow for a stronger bond to the mouse and less risk of adhesive getting on the edges.
  • Improved Color, especially for blue. Deeper and more consistent but please understand that it's never going to be 100% the same, nor would we want it to be that way. That's because the skates are cut from a single crystal, which naturally is going to have a gradient of different hues.
  • Very slightly thinner. Due to improvements in our machinery and skill of the cutters, we can make SAPPHIRESKATES thinner than before without breakage. We want to gradually move towards a max-height (the height at the center of the curve) from 1.1mm to 1.0mm. Those that want to add additional Sapphireskates to their current setup will have zero issues. The differences in height become levelled out on their own due to the slight elasticity of the adhesive. Also, please understand that this does not have any impact on sensor accuracy, but we still feel that it's the right direction to take the product.
  • IEM Brush Now Included in Box. Have you ever seen those tiny little nylon  brushes that come with some in-ear monitor headphones? These are perfect for keeping the bottom of your mouse clean of any debris, as well as dusting off any potentially stuck adhesive off Sapphireskates. So we now include one for free!

FEBRUARY 2022 v1.01

  • Tighter manufacturing tolerances so that each set's height contains skates that are within a few hundredths of millimeters.
  • Improved curves
  • Improved color
  • Improved Adhesive


Version 1.00. First production run.